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Superior Services


Firefighting Services

Superior Fire Control staffs a full-time complement of NFPA certified firefighters. Our professional team contains both NFPA certified 1001 (Structural Firefighting), as well as NFPA, certified 1002 (Fire Apparatus Driver/Operator) firefighters.

Our team also contains certified first aiders, with some members holding OFA III or EMR certifications.

Whether you need standby (frac) or Acid fire watches, our team is able to respond to all manner of emergencies, including

Industrial Fires (small and large industrial work sites)

Wildfires (as First Responders) 

Hazardous Materials Incidents

Underground Fires

Rescue Incidents

Superior Fire Control’s mobile fire suppression units consist of 6 diesel-powered Kenworth and Peterbilt tractors.

We have 1500 lbs of Purple “K” dry chem., a Waterous 2000 GPM fire pump, 1000 Imperial Gallons of water, and our onboard decontamination unit, with three showerheads, three eyewash stations, and a drench hose.

Our units are equipped with a contaminated water recovery system eliminating any environmental issues that could arise due to wastewater “dumping” on the ground.


Shower Services

Whether you require unmanned shower units or fully manned solutions with NFPA certified firefighters, Superior’s state-of-the-art Shower Trucks and Shower Trailers provide the perfect solution for flammable emergency management.

Superior Fire Control’s mobile shower/decontamination unit consists of a diesel-powered 2007 Peterbilt. The onboard shower system has
3000 liters of fresh temperature-controlled water, four showerheads complete with midsection eyewash stations, and a personnel drench hose.

Our Shower Trucks also consist of a recovery bunk, clean linen, and coveralls, so a person can be cleaned up and after medical attention may return to work (if given approval). We have a contaminated water recovery system on this unit so no dumping of contaminated water.

Superior Fire Control’s Standalone Shower trailer consists of 1800galons of potable water, 5 20gpm shower heads, 5 eyewash stations, 2 drench hoses. Our Shower Trailers also consists of a recovery bunk, clean linen, and coveralls, so a person can be cleaned up and after medical attention may return to work (if given approval). We have a contaminated water recovery system on this unit so no dumping of contaminated water.


Air/H2S Services

Superior Fire Control has a highly trained and experienced regiment of H2S Safety Specialists that can assess a sour environment, identify the hazards and mitigate task and environment related risks.

Superior Fire Control’s team of Safety Supervisors and Specialists are fully trained to provide a range of safety services from critical sour operations to confined space entry to high angle rescue.

Superior Fire Control’s 10 breathing air trailers are fully stocked to
supply air to (6) personnel on supplied air as well additional (5) SCBA.

Our units come fully equipped with wind direction mast, folding
stretcher, warning and egress signage, flare pistol with flares, 2
manifolds, burn blanket and first aid kit. Superior uses Rae gas pumps
and a selection of Rae tubes for H2S, SO2 and Co2.

Additional equipment if requested: Rig Rat Systems, Otis Gen II Monitoring
system, Personal, Quad, and RKI Monitors, Road block kits, Ignition
kits, Confined Space Kits. High angle Personnel complete with fully
stocked High Angle Kit.


Medical Services

Superior Fire Control employs an expert team of medical professionals, including OFAIII’s, Emergency Medical Responders (EMR’s), and Primary Care Paramedics (PCP’s).

Along with an experienced Medical Director (MD, Physician) and an experienced Medical Coordinator, Superior Fire Control has the ability to offer both primary and advanced care on-site.

From site check-in services, to standby medical services, Superior Fire Control offers the industry’s best trained medical professionals, in good standing with the Alberta College of Paramedics, along with a state of the art fleet of Mobile Treatment Centers (MTC’s).

Superior Fire Control’s 15 MTCs consists of diesel power pickup trucks with Air
Kills, complete with a Horizon fiberglass treatment unit. Our units have a roll
cage built in so in the unlikely event an incident should occur with the unit while transporting a patient, any personnel in the MTC are well protected.

Our treatment centers are climate controlled and are equipped with a spine board, basket stretcher, O2, burn blanket, eye wash station, Level #3 first aid kit and a numerous list of medical supplies as a minimum.

We have OFA3’s to EMT-A for staff with all current oilfield safety tickets. We are able to handle any of your medical needs on various oilfield sites. Our Units are all AED equipped.


Well Control / Emergency Management Services

Superior Fire Control, together with Dynamic Well Control, offers a robust package of Emergency Response, Emergency Management and Well Control Services to our clients.

With a team of well control engineering specialists, and many decades of live field experience, we can provide our clients with office based and site based supervision services. With a comprehensive package of analysis and critical data tools, we can ensure effective implementation of drilling and well control procedures.

Our Emergency Response Team is available 24/7, ready to support and assist our clients both locally and around the globe. Our team is not just book smart, but we have years of “hands-on” experience managing well control incidents and emergencies.

Due to the importance of the “Well” as a critical asset to the client, Superior Fire Control, together with Dynamic Well Control, offers a comprehensive Well Integrity Suite of Services from inspection, database management & digitalization, pre drilling and during well’ life risk assessment to prevention maintenance & intervention services at the wellhead level as well as the subsurface well diagnosis, intervention, restoration, recovery, to permanent plug & Abandonment if deemed more economic and best solution by the client.