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Over the last sixteen years, Superior Fire Control has established itself as the premier company in providing Fire Protection, Well Control, H2S, and Medic Services to the Oil & Gas Industry here in Canada

Who is Superior Fire Control

Superior Fire Control is a leader in providing Fire Protection,  H2S/Air, and Medical stand-by services to the Canadian Oil & Gas Industry since 2006.

With the support of our extensive, experienced team, Superior Fire Control provides state-of-the-art equipment and services to our clients within Grande Prairie, Drayton Valley, and surrounding areas.

With our Head Office located in Grande Prairie, Alberta, you can expect professional day-to-day services ranging from Industrial Firefighting, Safety Supervision/H2S Supervision, Onsite and Standby Medical Services, and Well Control Services.

In February of 2022, Superior Fire Control was acquired by Dynamic Well Control Inc. With this change of ownership, Superior Fire Control anticipates rolling out new and innovative Industrial Fire Fighting, Industrial Medical, and Air/H2S strategies to complement the leading services already provided by an exceptionally talented and trained team.

Our strategy is to continue to build on Superior Fire Control’s brand and success with the continued support of a strong employee base. We envision entering into new markets by expanding Superior Fire Control’s footprint both domestically and nationally. 

24 Hour Dispatch

24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. When you call, we answer.

Twenty four / seven

Our duo team of dispatchers is not only highly skilled at logistics management but they are also experienced firefighters who have worked within our industry.

You can be confident when you call us, 24 hours a day, to get a knowledgeable voice on the phone who not only understands your requirements but your industry as well.

Phones Always On
24 Hours / Day
Industry Experienced
Modern Technology