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From the Chief Executive Officer


“Over the years, Superior Fire Control has established itself as the premier company in providing Fire Protection, Well Control, H2S, and Medic Services to the Oil & Gas Industry here in Canada.

It was very evident, during our initial assessment of the company that this was a perfect fit for us in our pursuit of increasing our footprint both domestically and Globally.

Our vision now is to provide a global Emergency Response service for Well Control Intervention and large-scale Industrial Firefighting with the main focus on upfront Emergency Management.

Bridging the gap in Emergency Response for Industry – Well Control Intervention – Industrial Firefighting – Emergency Management.”

Wayne Stennes

Who is Superior Fire Control

Superior Fire Control is a leader in providing Fire Protection, Well Control, H2S, and Medical stand-by services to the Canadian Oil & Gas Industry since 2006.

With the support of our extensive, experienced team, Superior Fire Control provides state-of-the-art equipment and services to our clients within the Grande Prairie and surrounding area.

Based out of Grande Prairie, Alberta, you can expect professional day-to-day services ranging from Industrial Firefighting, Safety Supervision/H2S Supervision, Onsite and Standby Medical Services, and Well Control Services.

In February of 2022, Superior Fire Control was acquired by Dynamic Well Control Inc. This will allow Superior Fire Control to introduce a new level of Emergency Management and Response Services.

With this acquisition, Dynamic Well Control anticipates rolling out new and innovative Well Control Intervention and Industrial Fire Fighting equipment to complement the leading services already provided by Superior Fire Control.

DWC’s strategy is to continue to build on Superior Fire Control’s brand and success with the continued support of the strong employee base. By joining forces, we envision entering into new markets by expanding Superior Fire Control’s footprint both domestically and globally. The vision is to provide a global Emergency Response service for Well Control Intervention and large-scale Industrial Fires with a focus on upfront Emergency Management.

Who is Dynamic Well Control?
Dynamic Well Control Inc. (DWC) was formed as a result of our company shareholder’s unique backgrounds and industry experience, which has enabled us to identify gaps with regards to the traditional services offered by ‘Well Control’ service companies.

DWC‘s focus and vision is to fill these gaps by providing a fully integrated Incident Management and Emergency Response company for the Oil & Gas Industry. We provide a professional service with a vast history of experience and technical expertise to help identify and mitigate risks that are present during our ongoing search for hydrocarbons.

Our employees are industry professionals with extensive emergency response and emergency management experience. DWC’s highly qualified and experienced specialists pride themselves on offering solutions and innovative systems for any well control or well integrity issue that you may have. It is from this unique experience we can pass on to our Customers’ lessons learned from other industry incidents that we have assisted in resolving.