Our Safety

twenty four hour safety

It is the policy of Superior that our people take a valued part in development and implementation of our corporate HSE program thus ensuring each and every employee are given the tools to conduct themselves in the most safest proactive manor ensuring foremost that personnel as well environment and our customers capitol investment are protected against potential loss that could arise as a result of Superiors operations.

Superior shall continually strive for excellence through identifying and managing hazards and risks along with continued personnel training and unsurpassed equipment for all of our service lines.

Superior Fire Control Ltd. is committed to our personnel, our customers and the environment.

Our Partners in Compliance

Workhub Safety Management

We use Workhub at Superior Fire Control as our Safety Program Management CMS.

Within the software, our employees can upload their tickets, take courses and orientations, attend safety meetings, report incidents, and participate in our Health and Safety Committee. We ensure 100% compliance and utilize our On the Job training matrix to make sure our employees are both competent and have the tools and training they need to do their job efficiently and safely.


The Superior Six are the six cardinal safety rules essential to a strong, compliant health and safety culture. 

All of our policies, procedures, safe work, and best work practices, and all of our processes are based upon these six rules. 

We call them the Superior Six Safety Rules. Click the message icons for a description of each rule.


Any type of harassment, bullying, ridiculing, or any other form of harassment against any employee is never acceptable.

Report all injuries, incidents, hazard IDs, near misses and observations immediately.

The proper PPE must always be worn when required. Task specific PPE must be worn when the scope requires it. You must never alter or modify any PPE.

If you are not trained to do something, don’t do it. Ensure you are always 100% compliant on Workhub.

Lock out, tag out, try out. Ensure you follow SFC lock out/tag out policies. If you don’t know, stop and ask.

You must not work, drive or be on-call while under the influence, fatigued, or otherwise not fit for duty.